About Silver Edge Furniture

We manage each job from start to completion with personalized customer services and support.
Family owned and operated since its inception, Silver Edge Office Furnishings has built its reputation on being honest, affordable, flexible and easy to work with, Silver Edge Office Furnishings is a creation of Dezzo Designer Cupboards, From small business just starting out to big companies to expand, we have the resources to handle any and all of our customers needs.

The creation of Silver Edge Office Furnishings was cultivated by need of specialised service in the space planning, office furniture supply, installation and maintenance sector. Silver Edge Office Furnishings client base transcends, public and private clients looking for specialised office furniture services of high quality finishes and individuals looking for customised affordable solutions. Our innovative and researched
methods have assisted in maintaining quality levels unsuppressed in this industry and improve these at all times. To us these factors are important in this sector

The company's ownership is 100% black owned. Dezzo Designer Cupboards will always be specializing in the manufacturing of school, Clinic and home/house furniture with Silver Edge Office Furnishings concentrating on supplying, installing and manufacturing of office furniture. The operations of the two companies will be concentrating to increase efficiency within the office furniture industry.

Our vision
To demonstrate our commitment to deliver our clients the best quality products whilst emphasising on in staff development and technological advancement.

Principles and Values
- Professionalism
- Service and excellence
- Ergonomicment
- Integrity
- Initiative and pro-activity

Our objectives
- To meet our obligations on any assignment professionally in the open market.
- To render service with highly motivated and qualified individuals.
- To provide a professional and efficient service that will add value to our client's business.

Service Culture
Developing and maintaining a culture of service within the client organisation through internally training organisational members around intrinsic values of service and inculcating service essence and values divers that will enhance services both from within the organisations and serviced clients and thus increase client retention, attracting new clients and profit growth.

Leadership and Management Development
Organisational success and failures is largely if not entirely depended on strong leadership and a coherent Management Teams that will ensure that the organisations operate to its maximum. it therefore becomes a business imperative to develop skills leadership and management. Silver Edge Office Furnishings training of staff designs customised training interventions that will be aligned to Strategic Thrusts within client
organisations in conjunction with the clients ensure effectiveness within the organisation.

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